The Rakhine Army (AA) announced that after the entire regional command headquarters Dah Kah Sah – (Lauk Kai) surrendered in the Northern Shan State, about 200 enemy forces (the entire camp) also surrendered from the Taung Shi Taung strategic camp in Kyauktaw Township, Rakhine State.

In addition, it has been informed that communications have been received from other military councils to surrender or (take refuge in the public’s arms). It is reported that during the battle to seize the strategic base of Taung Shi Taung, together with AA, some of the soldiers from partner organizations actively fought while gaining military experience. It was not informed which forces.

It is also announced that the Rakhine Army (AA) is attacking the camps of the Military Council in order to make the entire Paletwa region free of the Military Council. Since January 7th, it has been reported that every military council camp in the western part of the Paletwa region has been captured.

It is informed that some of the remaining military council camps will be completely destroyed within the next few days. It is said that about 104 members of the Military Council who escaped from the battle to capture the Chin Letwa camp fled into India with the help of the Assam Rifles.

On December 29, 2023, 151 military council troops from Point (377) camp fled to India. The military council troops were transferred back to the military council army by the Indian government on January 2.

At 4:00 p.m. yesterday (January 7th), the Rakhine Army completely occupied the Tin Thit Taw Taung camp in Myauk U Township, and it was announced that a large amount of enemy military equipment and ammunition was seized. In addition, AA further informs that military council soldiers can contact military bases at any time if they want to surrender.

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