The Taang Army (TNLA) information officer said that they have captured the military council camp in Kuk Khaing, northern Shan State, and have taken control of the town. The military council camp in Kut Khaing was captured last night (January 7), 10 days after the TNLA launched an offensive at the end of December 2023.

“The Kut Khaing military camp yesterday, our troops entered the strategic hill and attacked, and then we were able to clear and capture the camp. We can say that Kut Khaing is now under control,” said the TNLA information officer. However, he said that the detailed information about the seizure of weapons and ammunition has not been released yet. “Now there are 7 cities including (Kut Khaing),” He said of the number of town that TNLA can capture.

Yesterday, the three twin groups reported that the headquarters of the Theinni Operations Command (Sah Kah Khah-16) rear headquarters was also kept. It is also the last remaining army camp in Theinni town. The town has been under the control of the Three Brotherhood Alliance since the beginning of the 1027 Operation.

“We didn’t attack Sinni. The coalition forces attacked yesterday,” said a TNLA press officer. A resident said, ” Theinni was captured by the Alliance yesterday. Today, we can’t hear any gunshots. The most important thing is to re-admit those who are fleeing the war. We want to help with this properly.”

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