All Myanmar Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) announced that a total of 14 military council and policemen were killed and prisoners of war and ammunition were seized in the battle of Mawlu township, Katha District, Sagaing Division. Seven members of the military council were captured as prisoners of war, and the People’s Defense Army PDF reported that two soldiers were killed and one was injured.

The seized weapons include 21 guns, 1 revolver, 5 landmines, 24 hand grenades, more than 3,000 G-3 rounds, more than 300 MA rounds, 200 rubber bullets, 30 rubber bullets, more than 50 different ammunition boxes, 1 computer, 2 telephones, and a communication device. It is reported that there are military council forces who fled during the fighting.

The All Myanmar Students’ Democratic Front ABSDF, the only one remaining of the places where military council soldiers and policemen were stationed together, the Mawlu police station. Kachin Liberation Army (KIA), KPDF and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) jointly attacked and occupied it yesterday morning. The Joint Revolutionary Forces have captured 3 town in Sagaing Division, such as Kawlin, Khampat, Shwe Pyay Aye, and Mawlu town yesterday.

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