Residents said that the entire 105-mile Muse trade zone in northern Shan State, which is the largest China-Myanmar border trade in northern Shan State, was controlled by the 3 northern allies this morning (December 15). Locals said that after a fierce battle for almost a day yesterday, the military council’s remaining strategic hill station near the 105-mile trade zone, about 6 miles east of Muse, was captured today.

A local man in Mile 105 said that the fighting had calmed down this morning and that he saw the flag of the Northern Alliance’s nine-member army (MNDAA) hoisted inside the strategic hill camp. “Yesterday, a jet was shot near the strategic hill. All night the battle is intense. This morning I heard that the strategic hill was taken and the 105 miles under control. In the battle, all 3 brotherhood Alliance fought together.”

Currently, the 105-mile trade zone is controlled by three groups of brothers, and most of the residents are fleeing to Muse town. At the end of November, the northern group took control of the Jinsan Neng border gate, which is part of the Muse 105-mile trade zone. The 105-mile entry camp continued to be occupied, and the last remaining 105-mile strategic hill camp was captured.

The Muse 105-mile trade zone is adjacent to the Burmese-China border town of Kutkai (Pansai), which is completely captured and controlled by the MNDAA, and another border trading post was captured and controlled during the 1027 operation. According to sources close to the TNLA, the city of Muse, which is home to several gambling rings and the spread of tigers that China is cracking down on, is part of the territory to be occupied and controlled by the three twin alliances.

The TNLA has been raiding the remaining new camp in Namkham town, which is adjacent to Muse town, for more than 20 days, and the army has been retaliating from the air every day. In addition, in Namsan town of Taang (Palaung) autonomous region, 3 houses in Nongsai Ward were burnt down and 1 person was injured due to the military council’s aerial bombardment yesterday night.

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