After the Arakan Army (AA) captured Myauk Oo town, photos of the ammunition piles recovered from the Army’s battalion 377 and 378 were released. On February 8th, Rakhine Army (AA) captured the military council’s only camp, “Police Battalion No. 31” in Myauk Oo town, Rakhine State, in a final offensive attack on February 8, and the entire Myauk Oo township became a military-free zone. AA controlled the entire Myauk Oo township.

In Rakhine State, only the 3 townships of Gua, Than Dywe and Man Aung remain under the full control of the Military Council, while the rest of the areas have become areas of continued offensive held by the Rakhine Army (AA). The AA has already occupied Myauk Oo, Minbya Kyauktaw, Puaktaw, and also Paletwa town in Chin State. Currently, fighting is going on in Rumby, Buthitaung, Maungdaw, Rathetaung, Kyaukphyu, Ponnayun Township, and the two armies are fighting in Sittwe, Meepon, Am and Taungkoh township.

After the AA attacked Khah Mah Yah 377, 378 battalion and 540 battalions based in Myauk Oo, the entire Khah Mah Yah 540 battalion was captured on January 30, and the entire “Khah Mah Yah 378 Battalion” under the 9th Sah Kah Khah in Myauk Oo was attacked and captured at 9:30 am on February 5, and the Khmer 377 battalion was attacked on February 7.

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