He told Iranian President Ibrahim Rai that Israeli Zionists who are committing war crimes should be expelled from the United Nations. This is what Ibrahim Rai said in a speech on the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on February 11. As Israeli Zionists, who have been violating more than 400 international organizations’ requests for statements, how can they comply with their international commitments, Ibrahim Rai said.

The Iranian president also said that it is now important to expel from the United Nations a country that does not comply with international resolutions. The Iranian president also said that if you look at the war crimes and massacres in Gaza, you can clearly see what kind of attitude countries have.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution has completed 45 years, but the people of Iran are well aware that Iran is now the freest country in the world and that it is moving forward at a rapid pace, Rai said. Iran’s President Ibrahim Rai said that it is now the leading country that can make a decision to recognize itself without surrendering to any country.

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