KNU – Karen National Union Koh Thuley Administrative Region, To Oo (Taung Nu) District, Brigade (2); Tho Tathok (Than Tapin) Township, Daylo village group The KNU center announced that the military coup d’état military council camp (1) in Musala had abandoned and fled.

He said that the Khmer-581 soldiers of the Musa Lai Army Camp, which was deployed in 2013 and was under the security of the Dingrekhab No. 2 Hydroelectric Dam, under 20 (Sah Kah Khah) left their camps and ran away on January 2.

On December (31st) in To Oo (Taung Ngu) District, Flaisalo Army Camp. On January 2nd, 2024, the military council troops in the Musalai camp were forced to leave their camps because the Kalawmedet camp had left and fled. Within three (3) days, there were three (3) camps that had been abandoned and fled by the coup terrorist military council.

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