According to a ground military source, the People’s Army camp under the Military Council in the village of Kaung Lan Phu Township, KIA Brigade 1, Putao District, northern Myanmar, was captured yesterday (January 6) at around 10:00 a.m. The militia camp in Kran Thi Dam village was attacked since last January (2nd) and was only captured yesterday (January 6th) because of the military council’s air support.

“Since the first day, I was about to get to the camp, so I took it yesterday because it was dropped by plane. It is known that there are two side effects. That camp is an important camp in Khao Lan Phu Township,” said a ground military source.

A local Putao resident said that the militia camp in Khren Thi Dam village is a camp that has been deployed for a decade and is a major frontline camp that secures Putao Nong Moon and Khao Lang Phu townships. The Kachin Liberation Army (KIA), PDF Putao and Khakabo People’s Protection Force (KPF) joined forces in the battle to capture the camp.

“I want to live peacefully in my area. “We have had to avoid war for a long time. We can’t go back to our homes because of the wars, and we don’t want to live anywhere else,” said a Kaung Lan Phu resident. In addition, a militia camp in Talog Village, Wai Hmaw Township was captured at around 9:00 a.m. on January 5, according to local news sources.

“We arrested 7 militiamen with military weapons. Those who were captured are being held under the Prisoner of War Act,” the source said. On December 15 last year, the joint forces of KIA and KPDF were able to capture Talogyi and Bosadi militia stations.

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