Arakan Army (AA) announced today that after the capture of the 377th Artillery and 539th Army of the Military Council Army based in Kyauktaw, Rakhine State, on January 14th and 16th, a large number of weapons and ammunition and military equipment were seized. Khmer (539) based in Kansauk, Kyauktaw Township is an infantry battalion under No. (9) Operations Command Headquarters.

No. (9) Operation Command Headquarters No. (3) Tactical Group Strategy Commander Lt. Col. Nyi Win was captured by Arakan Army and seriously injured, Arakan Army treated him. Yesterday’s statement of the three twin groups stated that the fighting between the two sides continues to be intense in the areas of Khmer 374, 375, and 376 battalions, which are infantry battalions under the 9th Infantry Division.

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