The CDF-CDM (Siyin) has issued a statement asking local residents near Khai Kam Police Station in Tedim Township, Chin State to avoid the area safely. According to CDF – CDM (Siyin), the remaining police station in Khai Kam town will be taken over and controlled soon after the capture of Taingen Camp in Tedim Township.

” People who love police personnel and military personnel in 9 Mile, please come to the CDF-CDM (Siyin) as soon as possible before the battle begins and take refuge in the people’s arms,” said the CDF-CDM (Siyin) official. Khai Kam is located on the Kale – Taingen road, 9 miles away from Kalaymyo.

“People have been informed in advance so that they can avoid it, so they must avoid it. Life is important,” said a local people. On January 16, the military council camp in Taingen was attacked and occupied by revolutionary groups. In addition, the CDF-CDM (Siyin) reported that the Kalaymyo -Taingen road, which has been closed for more than two months, has been re-opened since January 22. Kalaymyo – Taingen road is the main road that connects Kalaymyo to Tedim and Falam town.

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