It has been reported that the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) camp in Tedim Township, Chin State has been captured by CDF groups led by the Chin National Army (CNA). It is reported that the ZRA’s Carmel Camp base in Muallum Village, Tedim Township was attacked and occupied by the Chin Defense Forces led by the CNA around noon on April 4.

“The fighting started on May 1st. There are two sides. I don’t know the details. The camp was captured around noon today. A source close to CNA said that the ZRA camp has captured weapons and ammunition.

(1) hammer gun from ZRA camp. Hand-made motor launcher (2) talking machine all kinds of ammunition military equipment was seized by the CNA leadership team. CNA and ZRA have been fighting since May 1st in villages such as Muallum and Laaitui village in Tedim Township, and it is reported that both sides are the most in the fight.

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