Residents told Tongsan Media that the homes were set on fire yesterday evening, May 1st, after the Military Council raided the village of Pyidawtha which has about 1,000 houses in the northern part of Kale Township, Sagaing Province.

According to a resident who did not want to be named for security reasons, houses were set on fire by the Military Council troops and the joint revolutionary forces of Kale town on April 30 and May 1 near Pyidawtha village.

“Natives from the northern part of Kale town have been fleeing for a long time. Now, the drones have started to attack Pyidawtha village, and we have been fleeing for about three days. There is nothing we can do except for the men near the village to watch.”

Regarding this matter, I contacted the Social Affairs Minister U Nyunt Win Aung, Spokesperson of the Military Council of Sagaing Province, but he did not answer the phone. In the northern part of Kale town, since April 5th, more than 600 homes in six villages have been burned, and more than 8,000 residents have fled, according to local residents and people helping war refugees.

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