Chin National Front (CNF/CN A) Spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni said that they were able to capture two Military council camps in Rih khawdar Town in Falam Township, Chin State, on November 13th. “We captured the town of Rih khawdar because it is a focal point in trade between the two countries, which supports the military council economically. It is important for them and a very strategic town for us. This is the first battle to capture the town. In order to continue to control it, we need a lot of people’s participation and the ability to organize joint forces. We have prepared as much as possible,” Salai Hteet Ni said.

On November 12th, the Joint Chin Defense Forces started attacking the Military council camps in Rih Khawdar town, and on the morning of November 13th, they were able to capture a large camp on the hill of the town, and the military camp on the hill of Ward No. 2 (Tio river) was captured again in the evening. Today, on November 14th, joint forces of the Chin Defense Forces controlled the town of Rih Khawdar, cleared the area, took down the flag of the Military Council at the India-Myanmar border trade gate, and hoisted the flag of the Chin National Front.

Chin National Front CNF/CNA in the battle of Rih khawdar CDF – Hualngoram CDF- Thantlang; People’s Defense Army (PDA), CDF-Zanniatram attacked together, 5 soldiers from CNF/CNA, 1 comrade from PDA was killed; more than 10 people were injured, some of them seriously. Weapons from 2 Military camps; A large number of small arms and ammunition were also seized, the exact details of which are still unknown, said Salai Hteet Ni.

In the town capture battle, (7) including 1 Major of the military council surrendered and more than 30 soldiers fled to India and were detained by the Indian authorities. CDF Hualngoram announced today, November 14, that all roads connecting Rid Khawdar City No. 1 and No. 2 are closed for a period of time in order to avoid the risk of air strikes and mines.

“Yesterday’s battle took over 2 camps, and the army may have air-bombed the people like in other areas. Bombs planted by the military may be in dangerous places. So it is forbidden to travel. During this period, our combined forces will clear the area around the 2 camps and the route where the soldiers fled,” said CDF-Hualngoram spokesperson Pu Kima.

During the battle, the military council army used a large number of air strikes and heavy weapons, injuring about 10 civilians. It is reported that almost all of the local residents of Rih Khawdar are fleeing the war to the other side of India, Mizoram. It is said that 43 soldiers of the Military Council who did not surrender during the battle to capture the city of Rih Khawdar and fled to the Mizoram state of India were brought back to the Military Council by the Indian Army in a helicopter.

In that battle, 7 soldiers of the military council, including a captain, surrendered their weapons, but 43 of them crossed the border stream and fled to the village of Jokothar in Mizoram, where they surrendered to the Indian Army and the Mizoram Police. This morning, 43 soldiers of the military council were transported by helicopter through Hnahlan village in Champhai township of Mizoram state to Moreh town in Manipur state and then brought back to Tamu town, Myanmar.

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