The Three Brotherhood Alliance announced that Namkham town in Northern Shan State is completely controlled by the Ta’ang Army (TNLA), and during the 15th day of the “1027 operation” there are 9 towns under the control of the revolutionary forces in the whole country, including northern Shan State, and they are; Chin Shwe Hao, Phong Sai, Khyu Koh, Thein Nyi, Mong Ko, Kunlong, Kawlin, Khampat and Namkham.

Since the “1027 Operation ” the Three Brotherhood Alliances have been active in Kokang, a strategic and balanced joint operation is being carried out, including the areas designated for operations in the Ta’ang regions, and the fighting continues to be intense in the areas connected to the Htee Chai Valley in the upper part of Sagaing Division. It is reported that Namkham town is under complete control and the people are moving around regularly and can operate well.

Yesterday, November 10, at around 8:24 in the morning, Ta’ang State, 3rd Brigade from the Military Council’s “Kho man camp” in Mantong Township to Kho Man Village with heavy weapons 1 time at around 9:10 in the morning at around 9:10 a.m. From the Military Council’s camp in Namphatka Village, Kut Khaing Village of the 5th Brigade to Naning village with heavy weapons 1 time from 10:00 a.m. to 4:14 p.m. – It is reported that about 10 times with heavy weapons were fired from 68 to My Tin Village, and at about 2:40 p.m., the 105th Mile Camp of the Military Council in Muse Township of the 1st Brigade, Nam Pan Village, was attacked with heavy weapons about 7 times.

In addition, the terrorist war council’s Pyin Oo Lwin army used Mi 17 military helicopters to enter the army on the Kyaukme side. The 3 twin alliances have announced that they have been attacked 4 times with weapons and ammunition.

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