The joint forces of the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Regional Defense Force (CDF) attacked and occupied the town of Tonzang, Chin State, and captured more than 110 weapons. CNF reported the photos of the confiscated weapons and ammunition yesterday (June 4).

During the week-long battle to take over the town of Tonzang between May 17 and 21, nearly 40 soldiers from the Military Council’s 269th Division were captured and more than 110 weapons and ammunition were captured. The CNF/CNA joint forces attacked and occupied the Military Council troops in Chin State, and captured the most weapons and ammunition in the battle to seize the town of Tonzang.

“The camps captured by the CNF used to be sub-towns. Rih, Rihzua, Lailenpi, and Chikha are all sub-towns, so there are only 40 or 50 weapons. Now, Tonzang is the largest town in a township, so it has the most weapons. Tonzang is also the largest town that has been captured so far. Jin Dwe, who was captured by Chin Brotherhood Alliance, is also a small town,” said CNF spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni said.

It is said that during the battle to take over the town of Tonzang, there were casualties among the members of the Military Council, and some of the Chin Revolutionary Joint Forces were also killed and injured. CNA Spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni explained that the town of Tonzang is a city with a strong Military Council Administration, and there are some armed forces cooperating with the Military Council and some political parties.

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