October 3, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

The Urban Owls Guerrilla Group announced that Ko Nyan Lwin Aung, an arms broker who was helping the Military Council in arms sales, was shot yesterday on the night of October 2. It is reported that Ko Nyan Lwin Aung and his bodyguard were shot at a fried rice shop in Lanmadaw Township at around 10:00 pm yesterday.

” He (Ko Nyan Lwin Aung) himself is a military businessman and a military family member, and he always uses the revolutionary forces as terrorists on his account as per the will of the Military council. He also asked his company employees to recite the oath of allegiance recited in the military every day. We have been working on this mission for a long time. It was implemented after investigation and confirmation,” said an official of the Urban Owls group.

Ko Nyan Lwin Aung, who was shot, cooperated with the Military Council, Ministry of Defense and procured weapons for the Military Council under his name, and also cooperated with the Military Council’s Ministry of Home Affair to import and install facial recognition CCTVs.

In addition, Ko Nyan Lwin Aung established foreign travel companies for the military council’s money laundering operations, and went to Thailand, China According to the Urban Owls group, it has been investigated that many of his companies have opened in Russia and the UAE. As a result of the shooting, Ko Nyan Lwin Aung’s bodyguard died on the spot, while Ko Nyan Lwin Aung suffered a bullet wound in his ear and is being treated in a hospital in a critical condition.

Source: Ayeyarwaddy Times

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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