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Sagaing Division According to confirmation by the Di Pay Yin Garun Army Group and the 21st Battalion of Shwebo District, the information officer of the People’s Defense Force based in Ye U, Htoo Khant Zaw, said that 12 soldiers from the side of the Military army were killed in a battle near the migrant village of Dipeyin Township.

On the evening of September 30th, a battle broke out near the village of PinkyahYwa in Dipayin Township, and 12 soldiers from the terrorist army side were killed. After the encounter, the Military terrorist army came and fired at the vicinity of the village with Mi 35 helicopters, but the revolutionary soldiers (PDFs) were able to escape in time, so no one was injured.

“We can confirm that 12 war dogs were killed in yesterday’s battle. 2 soldiers from our side shot with snipers, killing 2. 10 were killed in the exchange of fire. After the battle, the war dogs came and fired from a helicopter, but the soldiers were not harmed at all,” said Htoo Khant Zaw, information officer of the Ye U-based People’s Defense Force.

The attack was carried out by PDFs, a resident of Dipayin area, and his comrades. Garuda’s army, Shwebo District Battalion 21, BLACK ARMY, Shwebo District Battalion 12, and The Burmese National Revolutionary Army – BNRA is reported to have worked together.

Source: Khit Thit Media

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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