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The death toll from the earthquake in Morocco is increasing by the hour and has now reached more than 2,000. On September 8, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck a mountainous area near the ancient city of Marrakesh in central Morocco.

At first, it was reported that about 300 people died in the earthquake, but after another 24 hours, the death toll increased by 7 times. Similarly, the number of injured is around 2,000. About 1,400 of them are said to be in critical condition.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI declared a three-day period of national mourning, with flags flying at half-mast across the country. The king also urged the authorities to arrange tents, food and other support for the people affected by the earthquake.

After the big earthquake, aftershocks continued sporadically, and many local residents were forced to spend time on the streets for two consecutive nights, not daring to return to their homes. The southern areas of Marrakesh were the worst affected by the earthquake and suffered the highest number of casualties.

In the old city of Marrakesh, the situation was so bad that some buildings completely collapsed. The earthquake was centered in the High Alec Mountains, 71 kilometers southwest of Marrakech, and was a shallow earthquake, so the damage on the surface was more severe.

This is the deadliest earthquake in Morocco since 1960. At that time, more than 12,000 people lost their lives in a 6.7 magnitude earthquake near the city of Agada. The Marrakesh earthquake was recorded as the strongest earthquake in Morocco in more than 100 years.

Source: AFP / People’s Spring

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