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TNLA press officer said that the two sides are under military tension and under surveillance in Kut Khaing, Lashio, Muse and Kyaukme townships in northern Shan State, where the Ta Ang Army (TNLA) and the Military Council Army have been fighting.

The TNLA and the Military council army clashed in Kyaukme township on September 8, and the military council army was killed and injured, and four weapons and ammunition were confiscated, the TNLA announced. Similarly, in Lashio Township on September 7, TNLA informed that military council troops were killed and injured in the fighting.

Asked whether the fighting would continue today (September 10), the TNLA official said there was no news of the fighting yet. “At the place where the battle took place, there has been no news of the battle until today. It happened the other day. Now it has not happened again. But the two sides are in the same place and there is a monitoring situation,” said the TNLA official regarding the military situation in Lashio and Kyaukme region.

He said that there is a tense military situation in Muse and Kut Khaing townships, where previous battles took place. The TNLA and the Military Council have been fighting in the northern Shan area since July 23rd, and so far there have been at least 36 clashes. Airstrikes were also carried out with heavy weapons and airstrikes up to the Military Council.

Source: People’s Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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