This morning, the Northern Alliance started an offensive against the military council camp and several military check points in northern Shan State, and the fighting is intensifying. In the early morning of October 27, the Kokang Army (MNDAA), Arakan Army (AA), The TNLA and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) have attacked military council camps in northern Shan, including Kut Khaing, Muse, Lashio, Namkham, Lauk Kai, Chin Shwe Hao, and captured some of the camps, according to some sources.

From around 4 o’clock this morning, the four northern alliances attacked important camps for the military council, which are three military council camps in Lashio township under the Northeastern Regional Military Command, Lashio city-in (Khah Lah Zah -68) camp near Khonsa village and Mon jae camp in Theinni township camp, and two camps in Kut khaing township (Khah Lah Zah -241 and Khah Lah zah -242). and Namkham Township, Mongsai Region. The local Kachin news station reported that the Northern Alliance forces launched a simultaneous offensive against the camps on the China-Myanmar border on the Manyang Hill in Namkham City’s new hill camp, Mong Ko Township.

A North Shan news source said, “You can say it’s an urban operation. The main thing is that right now it’s in the inner city. There will be La Show. Currently fighting in the city. The rest are just the outer parts. Currently, as far as we know, the three northern groups can be confirmed. AA and MNDAA and TNLA. As for KIA, since the other day, they have been exchanging heavy weapons with their military council, but we have not yet received any information on whether they will participate in this joint operation or not,” he said. A Kut Khaing resident said that he saw KIA and TNLA joint military operations yesterday.

“Do you hear now (the sound of gunfire while talking on the phone) Yesterday, Kut Khaing was also working all night. This morning, the match at Nampheka is tough. It’s only 5:30 am, and I’m just hanging out with the palm trees. Your groups. This morning, it was Nampheka with Taohn Ohm. Both close and distant. The sound of breaking from the other side. Yesterday, I saw by chance that it was a group of KIA and Palaung,” the resident said.
He went on to say, “I wonder what the sum total is “There is a feeling that the game will be tough on the whole route,” he said.

The joint operation has started today and the fighting will continue to be fierce, so travelers in the region need to be careful, a resident of North Shan warned. “As for this operation, they plan to do it in advance, so I can’t say how far their intention will go. They are starting a battle to take over the city. In any case, since the battle has already started in the city, this will only continue to intensify. Those who sided with Kai, those who sided with the pedestrians, and those who sided with Muse, will have to be very careful on the road. The news will be constantly uploaded, so it is necessary to watch and listen to the news,” said the resident.

“In Lashio, both toll gates were destroyed. There was a lot of heavy weapons firing back and forth. On the Namkham side, the city had already reached the outskirts. Last night, Tok Kut Khaing threw a weapon and killed a person. In Lashio, a woman from the village was killed when the military council dropped a bomb on the side of the fighting yesterday, the resident said.

According to some news sources, the military council’s camps in northern Shan State were attacked simultaneously by the Northern Alliance, and some of the camps fell after the military council’s side was killed. Lashio, Kut Khaing, Nam Kham, Ta Moye, Chin Shwe Ha, It is reported that all the main camps of the military council were attacked from the town of Lauk Kai. “Some army camps in Lauk Kai have fallen. Now the fighting is going on. If it continues to intensify, we have prepared a package to run,” said a Lauk Kai resident.

Locals said that a checkpoint in Chin Shwe Hao town near Lauk Kai was also attacked and members of the Military Council were killed. In Namkham and Kut Khaing, as well as the military council, it was reported that some civilians were injured and killed as a result of the military council’s return fire. “A large weapon fell on the house in Ward 4. Four people were hit. It was serious,” said a Kut Khaing resident. The military council forces were also attacked from the entry and exit gates of Lashio city, and until now, fighting has been going on in some places in Lashio city, according to the residents.

The MNDAA attacked the customs office in Chin Shwe Hao town in an operation in the northern Shan region that began at 4:00 this morning, killing at least 20 members of the military council and police officers from the office.

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