It is reported that 6 soldiers and 1 police sergeant from Kha Mah Zah -432 and Field Engineer Battalion S-918 in the territory of the 6th Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU) of Karen State have taken refuge with KNU. According to the Karen National Union (KNU), who took refuge in – 918 Corporal Zeya Aung Kha Mah Zah – 432 Corporal Thant Zin Phyo, Kaung Thiha, Corporal Chit po, Corporal San Phyo, Corporal Wunna Kyaw and Police Corporal Tun Tun.

According to the report, Sergeant Zeya Aung of 918 said, “We don’t want the army, which is supposed to protect the people, to cause harm to the people. Why are we doing it now? We didn’t get a chance. Last month, when we went to the Kowloon side to help the troops, we had the chance. All 6 of them ran away during the night.”

Soldiers who defected to the KNU side said that the structure of the army is broken, and there are many casualties and deserters. It is reported that soldiers who stand on the side of the people are being provided with allowances and accommodation by People’s Arms and People’s Goals.

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