MNDAA spokesperson Lee Kwa Win said that more than 70 military council camps have been captured during the ‘1027 Operation’, which is being carried out by the twin allied forces, including the Kokang Army (MNDAA). When the operation started on October 27th, until the night of October 30th, when asked about the status of the military council camp being occupied and the city being raided and controlled, the MNDAA informed that there were more than 70 camps occupied by the three twin groups.

“The total number of prisoners of war in the entire operation has exceeded 70. The total number of prisoners of war has not been recorded as the fighting in some areas has not yet been completed. However, on the 29th, more than 30 were captured in one day,” said the MNDAA spokesperson.

During the battle, a total of four armored vehicles and tanks were captured from the military council. He said that a large number of small arms were seized. “Shwe Hao is the only one that can completely control the city at the moment. Phon Sai has been cleared. In Thein Ni, there is still a military council in the city. It has not yet reached a state of complete control,” said the MNDAA spokesperson.

During today’s battle, it was informed that all the military council camps in the Mongko Phon sai area had been cleared. “There are no more military council soldiers in the inflatable shop,” said the MNDAA spokesperson. According to the military information source, on October 30, they were able to seize 3 seats of the military council. A military source said that the MNDAA captured the Kanmai base camp and the Mongko Phonsai strategic hill base in Kunlong Township, and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) captured the Namho Khah Mah Zah (324) Army base camp in Namtu Township.

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