The People’s Defense Army (Mandalay) PDF – Mandalay released a press release saying that during the five days of “Operation 1027” and “Operation Taung Tha man”, seven armed members of the military group, including a major-level border guard and a major-level military council member, were captured.

It is said that seven members of the military group and weapons and ammunition were captured between October (26) and October (30) when they were attacking the military group at a high speed as the Taung Thaman operation.

During “Operation Taung Thaman”, our troops were able to hand-capture border guard troops and militia troops under the military council of the enemy military council. A member of the military council at the rank of captain; A member of the military council at the rank of one flower captain; Two members of the military council at the rank of sergeant; Two militiamen and related items were detained,” MDY-PDF reported.

MDY-PDF is an organization under the direct command of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of the National Unity Government (NUG) and is currently conducting “Operation Taung Thaman” along with “Operation 1027” of the three twin alliances. “We will continue to fight for the eradication of military dictatorship and the achievement of federal democracy,” PDF – Mandalay announced.

PDF – Mandalay and the Taang National Liberation Army – TNLA jointly raided a military camp in Kyauk Kyi Village, Naung Cho Township, Northern Shan State on the morning of October (29) and recovered eight bodies and weapons, it was announced.

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