The PSLF/TNLA News and Information Department has announced that the fighting is continuing in Kyaukme Lay village of Naungcho Township, Shan State, and the military council troops are targeting the villages with heavy weapons and air strikes. Today on January 8th, there was a battle between the terrorist military council unit and the PSLF/TNLA + MDY-PDF forces in Kyaukme Lay village of Naungcho Township.

In Kut Khaing Township, the Military army attacked Yan Aung Myan and Pan Kya Yaw village 8 times with Y12 aircraft, 5 times with Jet Fighter, and dropped 25 bombs. The 68th Gate unit of the Military Council in Lashio Township fired 16 times with heavy weapons in the vicinity of Holaung village and Pan Phat village. Similarly, the terrorist military council unit in Naung Cho Township also fired 5 times with heavy weapons at the village of Tungse.

Yesterday, January 7th, in Mai Yaw village, Lashio Township, without any fighting, the military council troops dropped a powerful 500-pound bomb from the air, and it exploded on a house in Mai Yaw village, 4 local women were killed by bullets and 20 houses were damaged.

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