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The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced on October 15 that the Hezbollah forces based in Lebanon, supported by Iran, were firing heavy weapons and retaliated. Israel’s Ministry of Defense said that Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles at the border post as well as firing 9 rockets from Lebanon. It is also said that an Israeli was killed due to Hezbollah fire. Israel’s Ministry of Defense also said that the Hezbollah targets in Lebanon that fired at Israel were retaliated with heavy weapons.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense has also warned that no one should travel within 2 and a half miles of the border with Lebanon, which has been declared a war zone. Israeli news reports that the situation on the Lebanese border is becoming alarmingly tense, despite the United States warning that Iran-backed Hezbollah would not take advantage of the ongoing war with Israel to open a new war front.

Just a few days ago, Iran’s foreign minister visited Lebanon and met with Hezbollah leaders, warning them to reopen the blockade of Gaza and face new fronts if Israel continues to bombard it. After the warning, the United States also reported sending a second attack group led by the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the eastern Mediterranean.

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