October 15, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu once again said that he will crush the bloodthirsty terrorist group Hamas. Netanyahu said this at the first meeting of Israel’s National Emergency Cabinet (War Cabinet) on October 15.

Netanyahu said that Israel’s unity will defeat Hamas, which has been attacking terror with the hope that Israel will be disintegrated. On October 14, when he personally visited the troops on the frontline, Netanyahu said that he was ready to retaliate against the hungry terrorists at any time.

Israel’s national emergency government, which will govern the country during the war, was formed on October 12 after the terrorist attack by Hamas. Former generals and opposition party political leaders are included.

Israeli news reports that the surviving families of those who were brutally murdered by Hamas and those who were kidnapped are criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu for his negligence, and some opposition politicians are calling for Netanyahu’s resignation.

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