The International Karen Organization (IKO) stated that this is a good time for the Karen ethnic armed groups to regroup and attack the military council under the leadership of the Karen National Liberation Army-KNLA. KIO said that since the entire ethnic population, including the Burmese, is fighting against the military council army led by the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing, the Border Guard Force-BGF, the Democratic Karen Army-DKBA, the Karen Peace Council-KNU/KNLA-PC and other Karen factions that were formed due to the bloodshed of the Burmese army, KIO said.

KIO spokesperson Saw Day Laya Htoo said, “We can see that our enemy’s military council troops are coming in full force. That’s why if all of us Karen armed forces work together and work together with the Karen National Liberation Army, we will become a real force. We will reach the goal of liberating the Karen people from oppression. And at this time, if the Karen armed groups can be reunited, we, KIO, think that it will be a really good history,” he told KIC.

The IKO also suggested that the Kawthoo Leik Army (KTLA), which has a similar tendency to fight the enemy, would be more beneficial to attack the enemy under a single military command in coordination with the KNLA. KNU also stated in the statement that if some KNU leaders who are related to international criminal gangs do not take transparent action, they will be suspected and monitored, and the reputation of the group will also be affected.

The military council army is low in importance, some camps and cities have been captured by the revolutionary forces, and some of the military council forces have taken refuge with the joint revolutionary army, and as the people’s victory is near, IKO urged the people at home and abroad to surround and support the revolutionary forces as much as possible. International Karen organization IKO was formed in September 2014 by a group of Karen organizations from more than 30 countries such as Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

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