It is reported that on January 15th, 269th Battalion of Tedim town came to People’s Defense Army Battalion-4 in Tamu District, Sagaing Region, with weapons. A Defense Comrade of Battalion (4) said that the 3 soldiers of the Military Council surrendered to the 4th Battalion of Tamu District through the connection of 2 soldiers who had previously been CDM. “The subsidy is only given after connecting with NUG. They (NUG) have grants,” he explained.

The three (3) Military Council soldiers who came in with the weapons were soldier Hein Myat Kyaw (26 years old), soldier Ko Thu (21 years old) and soldier Sai Hteet Aung (23 years old). Tamu District Humanitarian Officer said that he has not been able to provide detailed information about the soldiers who came in with weapons, and that they are currently in a safe place.

“The situation from our side is that if the Indian Army knows where they are, they will call them back and send them back (to start). That’s why we can’t talk in detail yet,” he said. According to the 4th Battalion of Tamu District, the soldiers of the military council are willing to join the people to surrender and the defense forces are warmly welcoming those who have surrendered.

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