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CDF-Thantlang said that 15 Military council soldiers were killed and many wounded during the 37 day battle of Tilim Operation 2 by the Joint Chin Defense Forces in Thantlang, Chin State. Chin National Army, Chinland Defense Force – Thantlang, and Chinland Defense Force – Zophei launched the operation named Tilim Operation 02 on July 11th, where the military council forces are stationed in Thantlang town.

During the Tilim Operation 2, on July 12th, a Military council soldier from the Khlara-269 battalion of Thantlang town joined forces with the Chin Joint Force with a variety of weapons. The Joint Chin Defense Force launched Tilim Operation 02 on August 14th at 5:00 a.m., including the 160 strong Military Council battalion, Khah Lah Zah-269, based in Thantlang. Battles took place in areas such as Auto mountain TBC, TABC between Thantalan town and Hakha town.

During the 37-day Tilim Operation 02, 15 military council soldiers were killed and more than 30 wounded, and 2 military council soldiers were captured alive, according to CDF-Thantlang. In addition, in addition to capturing Haukabung camp, a military council sub-camp, 3 guns 2 RPGs He said that money and bombs were also seized.

It is reported that 1 CDF-Thangtlang soldier and 3 CDF-Zophei soldiers of Chin Defense Joint Force were killed in the battle. During the Tilim Operation 02 operation, 7 houses, including a Christian church building, were damaged in Khofo Village, Dhang Talan Township due to the bombing by the Military Council Force. CDF-Thantlang has informed the people to be careful when moving around as the military council is carrying out repeated airstrikes as well as the military council troops may increase their strength and carry out operations.

Source: Khonumthung

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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