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A Christian community in eastern Pakistan was attacked and destroyed by a mob of Muslims on Wednesday. 2 people from that Christian community were accused of blaspheming the Koran, and Christian churches were destroyed and homes were burned. Pakistani police said two Christians in the Jaranwala area were attacked by a mob after they were accused of blasphemy.

The police also said that the 2 Christians accused of this are fleeing after calling their families. According to the Pakistani police report, they found indecent comments scrawled in red ink on the Koran. A Pakistani government source said the mob, which destroyed Christian homes and churches, was led by local clerics from an Islamist political party (TLP) known as Tareek-e-Labaik Pakistan.

The TLP party rejected that statement. In Pakistan, blasphemy is a crime punishable by death, and so far no one has been sentenced to death. But there have been many instances of accused people being killed in public at the hands of angry mobs. Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haqqar has demanded strict action against those responsible for Wednesday’s riots.

Source: CNN & One News

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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