According to a Kachin Independence Army (KIA) spokesperson, the joint forces have successfully captured the Military Council’s yard camp in Mansi Township, Kachin State this morning (January 29). The camp, which is only 21 miles away from Man Wein Gyi village, which is about 26 miles southeast of Mansi city, was attacked by KIA and Kachin Regional Defense Force (KPDF) joint forces yesterday afternoon at about 1:00 p.m., spokesman Colonel Nawbu said.

“What happened yesterday is that we were able to completely clear the area by 9:30 this morning,” said Colonel Nawbu. “There are two checkpoints and a main camp. We can seize both of these camps.” The camp is located on the highway connecting Mansi City in Kachin State and Namkham City in Northern Shan State, and is a strategically important camp.

Colonel Nawbu also said that the details of the battle in Mansi, which is only about 10 miles away from Bahmaw cannot be confirmed as there is no news from the ground yet. On January 21, the Man wein gyi police station and military camp near the Shan-Kachin border, which is about 21 miles away from Kaik Hteik camp, were also captured. More than 30 prisoners of war were captured, including the deputy battalion commander, as well as weapons and ammunition.

On January 21, the National Unity Government (NUG) Defense Minister U Si Mon and KIA Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. R Hkawng Lum visited the occupied Man wein Gyi area. Yesterday afternoon, the KIA confirmed that they had successfully captured a camp of the Military Council Army near Tasu Village in Ta Naing Township.

The camp was attacked a few days ago, and during the fighting, the Air Force of the Military Council repeatedly bombed it. “Tasu camp has two places; A camp was seized about a month ago. “The rest of the main camp has been under siege for three days now, and the jets (fighters) also came, and we had to take it completely yesterday,” said Colonel Nawbu.

In addition, the KIA has also reportedly entered and cleared a camp where the Military Council had left in Kamai, Phakant Township, in the last day. On January 20th, we were able to attack and seize the Wekha army camp in Phakant, where the fighting was intense in January, and more than 50 bodies of the military council were recovered.

KIA Kachin, There are clashes with the military council army in North Shan and Sagaing regions. On January 24, the KIA was able to seize the camp of the Military Council Infantry Regiment No. 123 in Namphetka Village, Kutkhaing Township, North Shan. On January 16, KIA shot down a jet fighter of the Military Council.

In addition, Shan North Mabum Township was also occupied by allied forces on January 21. After that, the allied joint forces attacked Mo Myat near Mabum and controlled many areas for a few days, but retreated on January 25th. After retreating, the military council army regained control of the city.

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