On the night of January 28, The brotherhood Alliances announced that the Rakhine Army (AA) had captured a military council battalion in Minbya Township, Rakhine State. On January 28, the 94th day of the 1027 operation, it was reported that there were sporadic clashes between the Rakhine Army (AA) and the Military Council in Myau Oo, Kyauktaw, Minbya and Rathetaung Townships in Rakhine State.

On January 28, it was reported that the Military Council Army had captured the Khah Mah Zah (380) Infantry Battalion in Minbya. “As the enemy was abandoning one camp after another every day, the battalion fought desperately with air support and naval reinforcements, but one more battalion was lost under the Rakhine Army’s offensive,” he said. In Minbya, there are still 380 Khah Mah Zah under the command of the army’s Military Operations Headquarters – Sah Kah Khah (9) and 379 Khah Mah Zah and 541 Khah Mah Zah.

The Rakhine Army also informed that the military council, which is continuously losing battles in the Rakhine region, is targeting the towns and communities and the public more than ever before. AA informed that a 17-year-old youth who fled the war from the Meteorite neighborhood of Minbya township to Antha village in Minbya township was also stepped on by a landmine held by the military council.

In addition, the military council is carrying out heavy airstrikes on Myauk Oo town, where the ancient heritage is sacred, and the public has been killed again due to the military council’s attacks. “No. (31) Police Battalion” including “Khah Mah Zah (377) and (540) battalions” of the Military Council based in Myauk Oo town deliberately attacked Myauk Oo town with heavy weapons, killing 4 local people and wounding 7 people. In addition, more than 20 houses in the town’s neighborhood were also damaged. AA announced that it was damaged by fire.

There was no major ground contact between the Rakhine Army (AA) and the Military Council in Rambe town, but it is known that the Military Council has been carrying out heavy airstrikes to destroy the town for about a week. The military council has been using chemical poison gas from the air with jet fighters, and the military council camps in Rambe town are still carrying out deliberate shootings with heavy weapons on a daily basis.

In particular, the Military Council Army dropped 500-pound bombs from the air on the town of Rambe this week. Local residents said that they dropped poison gas bombs on January 26 and 27. Due to the army’s repeated attacks from the air and heavy weapons, the entire town was destroyed and the local residents fled. Some local residents also said that they have to live.

On January 27th, fighting between the Military Council and the Rakhine Army took place near the Kya Nyo Pyin Bridge Camp in Buthitaung Township, and the fighting continued until January 28th. It is reported that there were some losses from the side of the military council.

In addition, the “Khah Mah Zah (232) and (344) battalions” of the Military Council based in Sittwe fired heavy weapons into the towns and communities where civilians live today around 2:00 p.m. Some of the heavy weapons shells exploded in a field near Khuahson village of Minbya township, and 3 local men were injured.

Similarly, the Military Council’s Y 12 aircraft bombarded the city and its surroundings and fired continuously with heavy weapons. According to nationwide military reports, the Military Council Army has modified the Y-12 military transport plane and used it more as a bomber in recent battles.

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