The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) confirmed this afternoon that it was able to shoot down a military council fighter jet that dropped bombs in Namphatka, Kutkhaing Township, northern Shan State, this morning (January 16). Clashes between the KIA and the army continue around the area after the KIA captured the 123rd camp of the Infantry Regiment (Khah Lah Yah) in the village of Namphatka, about 30 miles north of Kuk Khaing, yesterday (January 15).

The KIA spokesman, Colonel Nawbu, said that it was shot down when a fighter jet came to attack while the fighting was continuing this morning. “The details of how and how it fell are not yet known. I heard that it was thrown. They said it was a jet fighter,” he said. Details have not been confirmed and the military council remains silent.

Colonel Naw Bu said that a military helicopter was fired upon and crashed on the morning of January 3 near the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) headquarters in Laiza, northern Kachin State. Meanwhile, the military council did not release anything.

The KIA is a veteran ethnic armed resistance group that openly opposes the military that overthrew the civilian government in February 2021 and provides support to other revolutionary forces. In the upper part of Sagaing Division, which is connected to Kachin state, the KIA is also attacking the military council in cooperation with other regional-based revolutionary groups.

The Military Council is also trying hard to control Laiza, where the KIA is headquartered, by using ground and air forces, but it has not been successful to date. In that situation, the military council attacked the area using air and long-range weapons, and many civilians were killed in the KIA-controlled area.

Since the coup d’etat began on May 3, 2021, KIA was able to shoot down a military helicopter between Myothit and Kone Law in Momauk Township, Kachin State. A military council official admitted at a press conference on May 7 that three Air Force officers and soldiers were lost as a result of being shot down.

In November 2023, a fighter jet was shot down in Fruso Township, Karenni Region (Kayah State), and the pilot Major, was captured by the revolutionary forces. Similarly, in July 2023, a local revolutionary group was able to shoot down a military plane in Bolakhei Township, Karenni Region.

Almost 3 years after the coup, resistance to the military council is gaining momentum across the country. Revolutionary groups have captured hundreds of military camps and police stations in Northern Shan State, Sagaing Division, Chin State, Rakhine State, Karenni Region (Kayah State), Karen State, and can control some border trade posts and towns.

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