Chief of the CDF – Siyin Civic Defense Militia (CDM-Siyin) Ko Thawngpu said that the military council camp in Taingen village, Tedim Township, Chin State was completely attacked and captured by the Chin Defense Forces this morning at 7:30 a.m. on January 16th.

There are three military camps in Taingen village, which is a transportation hub at the intersection of Kale – Falam highway and Kale – Tedim highway, which connects the southern and northern parts of Chin State. All these camps were attacked for five days starting on January (12), and they were able to capture them all this morning, he said.

CDM-Siyin Commander-in-Chief Ko Thawngpu said that the battle for the camp in Taingen village was led by the Chin National Defense Force – CNA Lt. Col. CDM Siyin, CDF Thantlang, CDF Hakha, CDF – KKG, TCDF – Tahan and other allied forces. It is reported that 8 soldiers from the Joint Chin Defense Force were killed and nearly 40 were injured.

During the battle to capture the Taingen camp, 22 corpses were found, including a captain of the military council, Nyan Wong, and one hand of a diamond mill. An RPG (G-4) one hand (MA-2) three arms; (MA-3) five guns (MA-1) and seven guns and a lot of ammunition were seized, CDM-Siyin Chief of Staff Ko Thawngpu said.

It is also said that the two military groups that did not die in the battle fled to the city of Kale and attacked them. Defense soldiers who fought on the ground said that during the five days of the battle to capture the Thai Ning camp, the military council army bombarded and bombarded with heavy weapons from the city of Kale every day.

In addition, local soldiers in the villages of Taingen, Hiangzing, Theizaang, and Mualpi have been forced to flee due to the air force and heavy weapons attack by the military council, according to the soldiers on the ground. Taingen village is about 30 miles away from Kale City and is the intersection of Kale-Falam, Kale-Tedim Road, and is the main road through which the Military Council Army enters and exits Chin State.

In addition, 2023 On November 26, once by CDF CDM SIYIN. 2023 On December 7, CDF CDM SIYIN, PDF Kalay, PDF Zoland, RKDF and CNDF jointly attacked once on December 15, 2023 CDF CDM SIYIN, PDF Kalay, PDF Zoland and CNDF attacked once.

In Chin State, the Chin Revolutionary Forces attacked the Kenedy Peak Military Group camp, which is important for communications near Taingen village, Surkhua Township in Hakha Township, Rihkhuadar Township in Falam Township, Webula Township in Mindat Township, Makuiimnu Township in Matupi Township, Lailenpi Township, in Thantlan Township, and Hnaring Township in Thantlang Township. ) have already attacked and occupied the cities.

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