The National Unity Government’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced that the People’s Defense Forces attacked and occupied military council camps stationed in Taungtut Model Village, Homalin Township.

At 6:00 a.m. on the morning of January 5th, the Military Council camps from Taungtut Model Village were attacked and occupied by the People’s Defense Army(PDF), Special Battalions of Sagaing Division, District Battalions of the People’s Defense Army (PDF).

The Ministry of Defense has released the news of the battle initially, but has not disclosed detailed information yet. In the published news photos, it is seen that the military council-affiliated police station and militia camp in Taungtut village were attacked and occupied.

On December 19, in Homalin Township, the People’s Defense Joint Forces attacked and occupied two frontline camps of the Military Council and Shanni Army Joint Forces near Zeepintha Naung Sanjin and Tilaung Village. In addition, Shwe Pyay Aye town in Homalin Township has been attacked and occupied by revolutionary forces.

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