The Kokang Army (MNDAA) reported today that militia members of the Kokang puppet group under the Military Council came into the light with weapons. The MNDAA issued a press release in Chinese today, notifying that 15 Kokang militiamen had come to light with 16 weapons.

Regarding this, MNDAA spokesperson Li Kyaw Win said, “In the 5 days since the operation, there are people who have come forward from the military council by regiment, and people from the militia group have also come forward. Therefore, we as the MNDAA have also prepared letters urging the members of the military council to come forward.”

The MNDAA informed today that 41 members of the Military Council Army (143rd) in the Kanmai area of Kunlong Township came to the three sister alliances on October 30th and were granted amnesty and were given 1500,000 Kyats each as travel expenses.

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