The Kokang (MNDAA) group announced that 41 people from the Khah Lah Yah (143) battalion, which was stationed in the Kanmai area in the south of Kunlong Township, surrendered to the 3 twin brothers alliances. Among the 41 people who surrendered, 1 vice-battalion commander and 2 company commanders participated and surrendered with their weapons. On the night of October 28, the 3 twin brothers alliances asked the battalion to surrender.

On October 29, the MNDAA stated, “Our army is a revolutionary organization carrying out political duties under the leadership of the MNTJP Party. It is not our intention to kill others. Our troops will consistently follow the POW policy and take care of POWs with great attitude.”

After that, the two sides consulted all day long, and on October 30th, the troops of Khlara (143rd) surrendered their weapons and left the military equipment and ammunition at the camp and retreated. For the 41 members of the coup army who came to light, the MNDAA gave each one 1500,000 (a total of over 700,000) travel expenses and granted amnesty, according to the statement.

At present, the coup army’s forces are severely lacking in manpower, and the 1st battalion only has about 100 men. “Looking at the fact that the 1st battalion of the army in the Kamai region has never surrendered, the army’s interior is completely destroyed and has reached the point of disintegration,” a front-line officer of the MNDAA said.

3 communication devices from Khlara (143); 27 rifles 5 small machines, 2 RPGs 1 Sniper 2 big machines, 1 Type-82 diamond, 2 hands of 60 mm diamond, 11 rounds of 5.56 ammo, 8,000 5.56 Shot Gun cartridges Enaga 3 Fa, 130 rifle cartridges 80 MA-4 grenades; 247 different bombs, 91 bombs of 82 mm, 46 100 mm bombs, 4 MA-4s 28 mobile phones; 7 talking machines 38 bags of rice 12 packs of Readymade Food 3 buckets of chickpeas 5 patches of medicine 3 buckets of cooking oil 3 buckets of fuel and 1 pig were found.

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