After the military council army and militiamen in Laok Kai, the capital of Kokang region, surrendered, almost the entire city of Laokkai came under the control of the Kokang Army (MNDAA) and allied forces, and the MNDAA confiscated many weapons from them.

“I know that the militiamen have all laid down their arms, Now that the police battalion camp has been taken, there is not much left. Since we were there, almost everything in the city has been kept by the Kokang group,” said the man who lived in Lauk Kai until December 24. Shan North-based Shwe Phe Me news agency reported that MNDAA joint forces have taken over the police station, including the home of the militia leader U Phae Shou Chia in Lauk Kai.

In addition to being a former Member of Parliament representing the USDP Party, U Phae Shou Chain was the one who had the privilege of governing Lauk Kai from 2016 to 2019. At the time of construction The Chinese government has issued arrest warrants for his son and daughter, accusing them of being the leaders of a sprawling online gambling gang.

It is reported that the only places where military council troops can be stationed are the regional command headquarters in Lauk Kai and a border station in the northeast of the city. MNDAA spokesperson Lee Tiger Win is still being contacted to find out more about the situation of the Lauk Kai town capture battle.

The military council army is also silent about the city of Lauk Kai, which is of great interest to many. On December 5th, the MNDAA captured the Tayintaung military council camp on the south side of Lauk Kai town, and was able to station them in the Teng Cham neighborhood, and reached a situation where they could attack Lauk Kai town at any time.

The military council then held a meeting on December 7th and 8th with the Northern Allies involved in Operation 1027, including the MNDAA. According to leaked documents from that meeting, which was brought about by China’s intervention, the military council offered to leave Lauk Kai. However, the MNDAA occupied the border gate at noon on December 18 when the military council troops surrendered at the Yanglong Kai border gate with China, which is only about 3 miles away from Lauk Kai town.

Hours after the surrender of Yanglong Kai Gate, the fighting broke out again as the military council troops and militiamen from Laok Kai town attacked the MNDAA troops outside the town. After the start of the 1027 operation, more than 220 military council camps in the Kokang region were captured by the allied forces led by the MNDAA, and 5 cities were captured, including Chin Shwe Hao, a hilly town near Lauk Kai.

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