It was announced on the evening of December 28th that the Ta’ang Army (PSLF/TNLA) attacked and captured the army bases where the military council strategist was stationed and commanded in Namtu town and seized a lot of weapons and ammunition.

The Taang Army (PSLF / TNLA) attacked the military council camps in Namtu Township from December 25th during the 1027 operation, and at 1:30 am (1:30) on December 28th, they captured all of the military council camp, Mansan camp, Panthaye camp, Naungsaikin camp, police station and SAC department offices.

The TNLA stated that they seized various weapons and ammunition from the military council, including 2 howitzers. During the month of December, the TNLA captured the cities of Mylong, Namsan, Namkham, Maitong and Namtu in succession, and when Maitong was captured, they seized a lot of weapons and ammunition, too many to even count.

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