Kokang National Army (MNDAA) spokesperson Li Kya Win said that 3 military council camps in Kokang district were captured again today. He explained the military situation on November 15, which was the 20th day of the 1027 operation. “Today, we captured 3 military council camps again. The place is Mao Thing area in the northern part of Kokang district. There are 3 military bases inside it,” MNDAA spokesperson Lee Kya Win said.

Including these 3 military bases, there are 147 military bases occupied by MNDAA and Rakhine Army (AA) allied forces. In addition, the Ta’ang Army (TNLA) has captured at least 36 military council camps as of this morning, and has captured 183 military council camps during the 1027 operation.

The TNLA reported the battle today, informing that a battle between the TNLA and the military council took place at the intersection of Naung Pyit village Road in Kyaukme Township. The military council troops attacked 30 times with heavy howitzers and 2 times with fighter jets, causing damage to a residence and a buddist monk school in Kyaukme Township’s Naung paing village, along with photo reports.

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