It is reported that more than 30 people were killed due to landslides on May 28, 2024 in other places including between Hlimen village and Melthum village near Aizawl in Mizoram state. According to the Mizoram government, more than 20 people have died due to a landslide at the quarry site between Hlimen village and Melthum village. As of evening, 13 bodies have been identified, and the search for 9 is still going on.

Out of the 13 bodies found, 9 are Mizos and 4 are Indians. During a landslide in Hlimen village, two families were buried in the landslide, and the bodies of 6 of them have been found and the search for the bodies of 2 is still going on. The 6 people whose bodies were found were 2 Mizos and 4 from other states.

Similarly, due to landslides in Falkawn village near Aizawl and Salem wards of Aizawl, 7 people died and the bodies of 5 have been identified and the search for the remaining 2 is still ongoing. The Mizoram government has said that it will provide Rs 400000. Even as this news is being written, landslides continue to occur in and around Aizawl and casualties are reported.

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