August 19, 2023 | Tongsan Media Group |

Karenni State, the Military Council Army, which has been attacking De Mosso and Fruso townships since the beginning of August with large forces, has announced that 71 people, including the battalion commander and deputy battalion commander, were killed during the 17-day battle. Starting from August 2nd, the military council’s 55th division, which is the Khah Mah Yah 112, The 3 armies of Khah Lah Yah are attacking with a large number of forces.

On August 16, 26 soldiers including the 3rd battalion commander of the Military Council Army were killed in the battle of Ngwe Taung New Village. It is reported that the Khmer 112 killed 45 soldiers in the battle that took place near the village of Htee Taw Ku Village, and two soldiers from the joint forces side and a lieutenant from the Karenni Army were also killed.

Karenni Army (KA), Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF), Karenni People’s Liberation Front (KPLF); Central Region Karenni Regional Division Battalion, Demoso People’s Defense Force (DMO PDF). It is reported that the Karenni Wolf Column attacked together. At present, there is a military tension and intense fighting in the village of Htee Thaw Ku and Union Road in Karenni, and the military council is attacking to regain the main roads.

Source: Peoples Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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