August 19, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

U Zaw Htet, head of Pale Township Public Administration, said that a group of four Pyu Saw Htee families from Inma Htee village, a famous Pyu Saw Htee village in Pule Township, Sagaing Division, fled to the People’s Defense Forces yesterday (August 18) due to the violence of the Military council and other Pyu Saw Htee in the village.

U Zaw Htet said, “Inma Htee is tied to the local people who don’t accept what they are doing in Pu Saw Htee village. They are planning for their safety.” It is said that the Pyu Saw Htee family is connected to some of the Inma Htee villagers who left the village to rebel against the military council. There are about 500 houses in the village of Inma Htee, and after the military seized power, the military council troops were stationed in the village when the people started an armed uprising.

After that, they were organized as Pyu Saw Htet village and attacked the local resistance forces. Now, both the military council and Pyu Saw Hti have become weak in the village, Pulay residents said. U Zaw Htet said that once in 2022, a family of Pyu Saw Htee escaped from Inma Htee village, and they were given a subsidy and brought to safety.

Source: People’s Source

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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