According to the Khin U Dog Killer group, nearly 10,000 local people are fleeing the war due to the military council’s military patrols in the western part of Khin U Township, Sagaing Region. Yesterday (February 5th) in the morning, the military council column with about 100 troops left from Ye U Township Traditional Hospital was entering Khin U Township, so the residents of 15 villages had to avoid war.

“We have been on patrol since the early morning of February 5th. This column is unpredictable. Because of this, many people avoid even planning in advance. An official from the Khin U Dog Killer group in the western part of Khin U Township said that both the pig farms and the houses were burned down in the village of Siakong Kyi. He went on to explain that some of the people fleeing the war had to go on foot to places far away from the war, so children and the elderly were facing difficulties.

“Because it’s winter, what blankets do you have to carry? The packages and bugs are on one side and the children on the other side, so of course they are in trouble. Every time the column enters, I have to run so that I don’t die,” said a resident of Konetha village. At present, the local people of 15 villages, including villages such as Ywa Thit, Nyaungpin Chan, Segyi, Inphet, Mayan Aye, Gontha, Tegone gyi, Kye Ai, Montaw (South), Mutha, Letpan Kwat are still fleeing the war.

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