The National Unity Government (NUG) issued a statement on June 3, strongly condemning the Military Council’s massive invasion of Byain Phyu village in Sittwe Township, Rakhine State, and the mass torture and killing of villagers.

On the morning of May 29, a Military Council force of more than 170 soldiers entered the village of Byain Phyu masse, blocked the entire village, forced all the villagers except the elderly and infants to leave the streets, and tortured and killed 51 people, including 48 men and three women, according to the NUG statement.

The Military Council strongly condemns the brutal killings and the war crimes committed by the Military Council, the mass killings and all the crimes committed against humanity, directly or indirectly, the officials, NUG said that it will try all means to take legal action against all those involved.

On June 2, the Military Council press release team responded to the news media saying that three non-local men snatched guns from the security forces during an investigation because they found sandbag bunkers and bomb pits in some homes in Byain Phyu village, and the three men were killed in a scare shoot out on June 2. 25 more suspects are also being interrogated, he said.

On June 2, Yangon-based University Student Unions (Yangon) and Student Arms Army (SAA) announced that they will cooperate with various revolutionary forces to bring justice to the incident in Sittwe City’s Byain Phyu Village.

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