The Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) has announced that it captured Hsi Hsei town in the Pao region of Southern Shan State on January 27. Since last January 24, fierce fighting between the military council in Hsi Hsei and its subordinate PNO (militia) and PNLA joint forces has resulted in the displacement of local residents and 100,000 people fleeing the war from the Karenni side.

“We can say that the whole city is under control. But the military council and its (PNO) militia are still firing heavy weapons,” said a source close to the PNLA. During the fighting, some buildings in the Pao people’s most sacred place, the Kaungmuzua monastery, the center of Hsi Hsei, the Aria Magin Dhamma temple, and many homes of the local people were destroyed.

“The battle is not calm yet, and large weapons are being fired from the site. The residents of Sai Khao also ran away. And there may be a possibility that the fighting will continue on the side of the site,” said a man from a gas station.

The PNLA joint force was able to control the police station and the township general administration department in Hsi Hsei town. Last January 26th, 2 women, including 1 child, were injured due to the aerial bombardment by the Military Council on Hsi Hsei town.

The Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) announced on January 27 that the battle in Hsi Hsei town will not fight against Pao nationals, but to move from the exploited life that operates the military dictatorship to the path of national liberation as soon as possible.

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