Ko Jordan, the information officer of the ULF column, said that they were able to capture the Kaking camp near the Monywa Northwestern Military Headquarters in Sagaing Region, and about 20 Military council members were killed, 5 were captured alive, and weapons and ammunition were seized.

Yesterday, June 11, at around (5:00 p.m.), the ULF column and allied forces raided a Military council camp stationed with about 35 forces in the village of Htee Daw Tin, Bohtalin Township, about one mile north of the Northwestern Military Headquarters in Monywa. Within half an hour of the battle, the camp was completely captured, and about 20 soldiers of the Military council were killed and five were captured alive, said Ko Jordan, the information officer of the ULF column.

“The Northwestern Military Command, Kakine. We lost about 20 witnesses. The entire camp was captured. The Northwestern Military Command also came to help. I did not dare to advance and retreated. It took time to attack this camp. I gave training to my soldiers. We attacked in a well-planned manner. That’s why there were no casualties on our side. We must say that the plan was good.” Ko Jordan said. In addition, 6 MA (1), 2 MA (3), 1 MA (2), 1 BA (100) diamond, 5 60 mm grenades, 1330 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 2 79 mm grenades, and 25 boxes of ammunition were recovered from that camp.

The operation was led by the platoon commander of the ULF platoon himself. Cho Mai Mai from the Pah Kah Pah of YinmabinTownship (1, 9, 10), Naga Brotherhood Special Forces, Chindwin Tiger B2 Fighter, CTLPDF, Than Tabin K2, Daung Luh lin, Thi Min Taman, Byatta Brotherhood, Bo Tun Tuak, Major Moksaet, SAF (Student Arm Army), Yinmabin District Strategy No. 45, KLG PDF, 21 (Yinmabin District Battalion 17), PDA (Yinmabin District Battalion 35), AS Generation (Monywa District Battalion 13), Chindwin Brother (Local), Kani Township Circuit (5) PDF, Bohtalin Mobile Team, Monywa District Battalion 14, Yadanabone Revolutionary Force joined the attack.

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