Today, on June 10, 2024 at around (1:30 p.m.,) the Military Council troops destroyed the Zalui River Bridge on the road connecting Tedim town and Tonzang town with cannon fire, according to a local media report of The Tedim Post.

“The Zalui river Bridge is the main bridge for entering and exiting the town of Tonzang. It is in a ravine in the Manipur River basin north of Tedim. Now that the rainy season has arrived, the stream will be full of water, so it can be said that the main road connecting Tonzang – Tedim has been cut off. If we look at the events these days, I think that after the Kalay -Tedim road, two important roads, the Tedim-Rih road and the Tedim -Tonzang road, have been cut off,” said one local war escapee from Tonzang township.

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