On January 15, 2024, at around 5:50 PM, during a peaceful demonstration by women in front of the ADC building in Moreh, Manipur police commandos surrounded the protestors and fired without provocation, and a woman named Nemneilhing Simte was seriously injured.

Manipur State On January 16, Kuki-Zo women held a peaceful sit-in strike in the India-Myanmar border town of Moreh. A woman said that on January 15, they held a peaceful protest holding placards to demand the unconditional release of two innocent Kuki national leaders who were unjustly arrested by Manipur police commandos.

Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal, Leaders of various Kuki civil organizations, including Kuki Students Organization and Kuki Women Union Tengnoupal, staged a sit-in protest at Tengnoupal Bazar on Tuesday and demanded the unconditional release of Moreh Youth Association president Philip Khongsai and K. Molsang Village Chief Hemkholal Mate. Protesters claim that those arrested are innocent.

In addition, the local women’s group said that the Meitei police commandos fired on purpose to injure a young woman, so they requested an investigation as soon as possible and action against the perpetrator. That is why the responsible gentlemen in Moreh town have to think seriously and say that the local people do not want the terrorist Manipur police commandos and the armed men in police uniforms to be moved as soon as possible.

“The Meitei forces in Moreh and Tengnoupal districts, the district administration; Despite appeals to the district police chief and other authorities, Kuki Innpi Tengnoupal’s concerns were ignored. I see the state forces as the source of all the trouble in Moreh town.”

KIT demands immediate release of unarmed innocent civilian leaders within 24 hours. Failing to do so, the District Administrator of Tengnoupal District. The police chief and other relevant authorities will face serious repercussions from the people who are responsible.

The women’s group staged an all-night sit-in in front of the KLP Assam Rifles camp. The situation in Moreh town is still tense today. According to a local, the fighting started at about 5:10 in the morning. Due to the intense fighting, the details of the situation are not yet known.

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