It has become a tradition for military council troops to flee to India due to the Rakhine Army’s (AA) offensive, and today (January 17) 278 military council troops have crossed the border and fled again, Indian media reports.

Mizoram and Chin state-based media outlets wrote that they arrived in the Mizoram state on the Indian side of Myanmar at around 4:00 p.m. today, January 17. Soldiers fled to India 3 times in November 2023, 1 time in December and 2 times in January 2024 for a total of 6 times. The military council is still silent about these events.

The Indian side has not yet disclosed which military camp they are fleeing from, but local news outlets write that they may be fleeing from the Paletwa fighting in Chin State. According to the AA’s January 14 statement, they may be from the “Nmada Camp” and “Khan Kha Taung” camps in the Paletwa region. After the AA occupied those camps, the military council troops fled to the Indian side, the statement said.

Military council troops who come from the Indian side are often sent back to the Burmese side with medical treatment by the Indian government under the military council’s plan. The Times of India reported that on December 2, India handed over 151 members of the military council who had fled to India due to the Rakhine Army (AA)’s encampment.

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